St Albans 01727 298086
St Albans 01727 298086

Phil Paine

“Brilliant company and all the staff and management deserve all the praise I can give! I have used them twice and would do so again. Recently we moved from Luton to Wales, it was a 3-day move and fraught with worries but, we were looked after amazingly by this company. Day 1 was pre-packing and getting as much as possible in the van. Day 2 was complete pack up and then day 3 was arrival in Wales. The gentlemen movers (they certainly are by the way!) set out at 6am and were on the doorstep ready to empty the van at 10am. Unload and set into rooms, re-assemble furniture and wardrobes, beds etc and they were then off to overnight before going back to Luton! Easy? for us yes. Expensive? your question is how badly do you want to pack up your home, move it yourself, 4 hours drive, unpack, re-assemble, distribute and relax!

This company is worth EVERY penny we spent on their hard and careful work. Not one item damaged or bumped. Thank you to W.J. Edwards, every time. Choose the best and the most professional movers around. Oh and a quick PS – do ensure that tea and biscuits are available as they ease the move for everyone.” – Phil Paine

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