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Who To Notify When I Move House

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences. Between dealing with solicitors, estate agents and the agony of being part of a chain, it’s easy for important things to slip your mind. With so many people and companies to notify before you move, even the most organised person can flounder. In order to help your frazzled brain, below is a checklist of who you should notify about your move.

1. Local council
All changes to your address and circumstances must be reported to Luton Council as this could affect your council tax payments. With an easy system to update the details online, this job can be ticked off your list pretty quickly.

2. The bank
Depending on your bank you’ll often need to pop into a branch to change your address, so make sure you leave time for this in your schedule.

3. The electoral register
Ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to vote, by updating your details on the electoral roll. Thankfully this can also be done online via the government website.

4. Healthcare providers
Your doctor, dentist, optician and vet all need to know about any changes to your address. If you need to move to another GP in the Luton area, check out this handy list of surgeries.

5. Motoring
Your car insurance, breakdown cover and car finance all need to be notified about your move. It’s also important to update the DVLA as you could face a fine if you fail to make them aware of your address change.

6. Utilities
Your gas, electric, broadband, phone, TV and water supplier also need to be informed. Try to give your utility companies as much notice as you can so you can arrange a fast changeover to your new address.

7. Personal
Be sure to update your family, friends and employer of your new address.

8. Education
Notify your child’s school, college or university of your change to address. Often changing schools takes time, so be sure to make this a priority to ensure minimal disruption to your child’s routine.

9. Miscellaneous
Make a list of all the other information and services that arrive at your home on a monthly basis. Whether this is magazine subscriptions, the milkman, library or supermarket deliveries, all need to be notified of the change in your circumstances.